Who We Are

Dan Scott

  Dan Scott is a freelance photographer from Los Angeles, originally from Twin Falls Idaho.  His career has taken him to the Academy Awards, the Grammys, and the Emmys.  His work is sought after from the south of France, the highlands of England, western Mexico and the islands of Thailand. He is continually invited to shoot Hollywood celebrity parties and their guests.  Contracted by Getty images his work has appeared in People, Newsweek, Time magazine and has been recently published in “Art of Celebration Southern California” a hardbound book about the most exquisite events in the world.  He recently shot Vanna White at her home in Muholland Estates, Howie Mandel, President Clinton, “Babyface” Edmonds, Chris Rock, Leonard Nemoy, Aretha Franklin, the Simpsons 500th Episode premier party, and the International Upfronts for ABC Disney. Dan is a member of LAMCA and a supporter of the ASAMP.  In his personal work he favors dynamic un-stayed portraits of life, preferring to tell a story with light and shadow.  His portraits grace the walls of the finest homes in Los Angeles, a testament to the dedication he has to make a difference in the lives of others by creating artwork that touches, moves and inspires.  He donates his time and services to Safe Passage, an organization dedicated to empowering battered women.    

Ike Solomon

  Ike Solomon’s career spans over 25 years photographing magazine covers and high fashion shows from New York to Los Angeles. He started his career in New York City assisting many fashion and commercial photographers and became well versed in the world of modeling, leading him to shoot for Elite Modeling Agency and other top agencies in New York. Ike’s work has been seen in Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines. In 1990 Ike opened his first studio in Hollywood, California. And in addition to photography, he co-created, starred and produced the acclaimed video, “Models Bootcamp How to Break Into Modeling and Television Commercials The Right Way”. An informational video helping families avoid becoming victim to nationwide modeling scams.  This lead to Ike being highlighted and honored as one of the most successful and honest photographers of the year by channel 13 news in 2000. Ike’s studio work includes Twentieth Century Fox where he photographed hundreds of celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Applegate, and Michael Jackson and was so well liked by Fox he was hired for many years to photograph all the executives of the studio. Ike’s work was also featured on billboards, advertising feature films such as The Simpsons and South Park. He also is very proud to have been the only photographer allowed to photograph President Clinton on the tarmac in front of Air Force One. Being a new father of two beautiful girls, Ike’s life took a slightly different direction and opened Fusion Martial Arts Photography. Today, Fusion is one of the top and most respected martial arts photography companies in the country.  Ike’s latest venture is a partnership with one of Hollywood’s most gifted photographers, Dan Scott.  Together they formed American Image Dance Photography to bring a little bit of Hollywood glamor to towns across America.