For Parents

1. When is my child’s portrait session?

Contact your child’s dance school or contact American Image Dance.

2. Can I have siblings photographed together and separately?

Of course!  We refer to this as a “buddy shot.”  You need to fill out an envelope for each photograph, meaning you would fill out one for each child, and a separate envelope for the buddy shot.

3. I have more than one child and would like to order only one package.  Can I use one of the 8x10s for one child, and the other 8×10 for the other?

Yes, we allow splitting up the packages.

4. When will my child’s portraits be delivered?

Approximately 4-6 weeks after portraits are taken.

5. When do I need to pay for portraits?

Payment for pre-paid packages are due on Picture Day.  Please insert proper amount into your order envelope.  Checks, Money Orders, Cash, Visa, and Mastercard accepted. Custom Sessions are paid for at time of ordering.

6. Can I design my own package?

We offer a variety of print sizes and portrait packages. To make a package fit your needs we offer the ability to do substitutions. If you would like additional prints, please refer to the reorder sheet included in your child’s portrait package.

7. How can I order more portraits?

Please visit our website with the date of the shoot as your event Id and order via the online store.  Re orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

8. Were multiple poses taken of my child and if so, can I see them?

Our photographers take several different poses, then take multiple pictures to capture the best expression.  Our lab technicians are experts at selecting the best picture.  Alternate poses of your child may be available. If you would like to find out if another pose of your child was taken, please contact AmericanImageDance.

9. Do you offer headshots and portfolios for dance and modeling?

Yes!  The owners of the studio offer headshots for actors, dancers and models call and schedule a custom session today!